Some features of our online assessment that has been helping students to appraise their preparation.

Absolute Solution

Through this assessment portal, an intact solution is provided to the students where they can practice as well as assess themselves.

Easy Access

Easy access to this online portal can help student to get maximum privileges and facilities at any time and anywhere.

Performance analysis

Get a complete analysis of test performance that indicates students strength and weak zones.

Question Bank

A vast question bank with high order thinking questions and value based questions are provided for students

Create a test

Teacher can create a test for any grade and subject, using teacher login anytime

Time-bounded Quiz

A quiz with high thinking order question to be done within limited time provides real experience of having exams and more accurate assessment.

Our Solutions

Here is the list of solutions, we cater to cultivate a unique and brilliant experience of learning as well assessment.


Extensive solution for K-12 students to estimate their preparation that includes almost all the subjects and grades of K-12.

Entrance Exam

Students preparing for entrance examinations such as JEE, AIPMT etc can also get facilitated through this online assessment portal.


After completion of test or quiz, students can get reports of their performance which could help them improving their weak zones.

About Us

MBD online assessment portal provides a platform for students to attempt an assessment and get detailed result analysis. The portal is provided with teacher login where teacher can upload different types of questions to the system based on curriculum. Furthermore, the online assessment provides assessment platform for the students preparing for entrance examinations.


It was a great experience taking quiz here at MBD’s online assessment portal. It helped me a lot as i appraised my performance in different subjects.

-Ashish Vaish

This platform is very significant when it comes to evaluation of preparation for entrance examinations.

-Ashish Vaish

Our Clients

While keeping a vision of creating an easy platform for student’s learning and evaluation, we have attained brace of some prestigious names of the domain as our clients.